9 ways of eliminating bathroom Odour

What are the Ways of Eliminating Bathroom Odour? Get 9 Tips From Experts

how to get rid away from bathroom odour

Well, bathroom odours are the most common issues which are faced by every household. It is hard to maintain a good smell in the bathroom especially when a single bathroom is used by multiple people. With regular use, bathtubs tend to accumulate grime, notably in crevices that are powerful to clean and eliminate. 

The toilet is the space of your home wherever most of the germs and it is a decent reason to cause unhealthiness and another light disease that is difficult to observe but you’d truly suffer from that. Here are some tips that I am going to share with you to clean your bathroom and Eliminate Bathroom odour. 

Well, we all have seen that the bathroom of luxurious hotels, restaurants, cinema halls etc. always smells very fresh and it feels very good to use them. Well, it is not about whether they are expensive or built well. It is all about how well they maintain it and what tips and tricks they use to maintain the freshness. 

1 - Place an Air-Freshener in the Bathroom

You can keep a small air freshener which is basically perfume for the bathroom. There are many types of Air Fresheners available like Jelly-based which has hard smells, Liquid-based or in the form of gas etc. These fresheners are very commonly available in shopping malls, local shops etc. You can use them to minimize the smell and get a fresh smell when you enter the bathroom. 

Well, you have to buy the freshener accordingly depending upon the size of the bathroom. A small freshener in the big bathroom may not work that good. Make sure to use a freshener that has a light smell. Sometimes hard smell becomes an irritation that you would like to ignore. 

2 - Use Potpauri Can

Potpourri is a good way to take away Bad smells from the toilet. It can be also said as an alternate way of Air Freshener. There are Differing types of potpourri that can be used. You’ll be able to stack them behind your seat or on the top of the window sill. You’ll be able to conceal the damp odour by putting potpourri within your cupboard or anywhere likewise. In addition, a Coffee bean Pouch can also effectively veil the Bad odour. 

 These are the natural ways to get rid of bad odour from the bathroom. But it may be difficult to find the Potpourri. So, Using Air Freshener can be a good alternate option. 

3 - Maintain Good Ventilation

Most of the bathroom has an exhaust fan that helps in removing the circulating air in the bathroom. Well, good ventilation can solve your 50% of Odour problem. If your bathroom does not have proper ventilation, make sure to create one and use a proper low sounding fan. 

Switch On the exhaust fan for a few minutes after the bathroom use. It will help in removing bad air and odour and will circulate the fresh air in the bathroom. 

4 - Keep your Bathroom Towel Clean and Dry

 Most of us use ate habitual of using the towel but forget to put it to get dry. If your towel is not dried properly, it starts to smell bad which causes a bad odour in the bathroom. The Towel is not something that gets easily dry. A damp or dirty towel has tons of bacteria and fungus which may lead to skin disease. 

Make sure to maintain hygiene in the bathroom because the bathroom is the only area of your home where maximum germs, a bacteria lies. Keep a clean, dry towel in your bathroom and make sure to wash it at least twice a week. 

5 - Try bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal is an associated environmentally friendly product that may absorb each smell and harmful chemicals. It’s the extra advantage of dehumidifying air, that minimizes mods and mildew. Rummage around for deodorizers and alternative merchandise with this useful ingredient, and place it in your bathroom for a burst of freshness. 

This is another natural way to get rid of the bad smells and odours from the bathroom. 

6 - Light a Candle in your bathroom

Well, this may sound crazy but this is an ancient way to get rid of the odour. Well, it is not a permanent solution but it can minimize the bad smells for some time. Well, when you feel it necessary, light a candle in the bathroom till you use the bathroom. The Fragrance of Flame and Mom can easily neutralize the smell and will give you a fresh smell of candles. 

Never leave a candle in attended in the bathroom, Snuff it out before you leave the room. Well, this may not work every time but initially, you will feel the difference. 

7 - Place a Pack of Baking Soda in the Bathroom

Baking Soda is also a natural ingredient that is very commonly used in every household. Put the 50gm Pack of Baking Soda in the bathroom to remove the bad smell and odour. The baking soda has the property to absorb the moisture and neutralize the odour. Well, the pack of 50gm won’t be enough if you have a larger area to cover. 

Put the baking soda accordingly. This is a natural way to get rid of the bad smells and odours. But, nothing is going to work, if you do not have a clean bathroom. 

8 - Clean Bathroom:

Well, it’s necessary to clean the bathroom at least three to four times a month. A proper cleaning kills 99% of bacteria and germs and makes your bathroom shine. It is important to get it cleaned to get rid of the odour and use safe and secure bathrooms. Normally, a person uses acid or baking soda bleach etc. to clean the bathroom. Well, this is also a better option. 

Bleaching power helps in killing germs and bacteria which results in freshness and a good smell. Well, this all comes in general maintenance that everyone must do to get the clean sink, clean bathtubs and clean pots etc. An overall cleaning will result in a fresh smell. 

9 - Invest in an Air Purifier

Well, the Air Purifier is easily available in almost every electronic shop. You can use the air purifier to get the air around you purified; you can use it in the bathroom or can buy a small one and place it somewhere in the bathroom. 

It absorbs the bad smell and will release fresh air that smells good. Well, this may not be mandatory, if you clean your bathroom on regular basis or get it professionally cleaned at least twice a year.