6 Ways to clean your Bathroom

What are the best ways to clean your Bathroom?

clean your bathroom

The bathroom is the only area of your home where most of the germs and bacteria lie and it is a decent reason to cause unhealthiness and another light disease that is difficult to observe but you’d truly suffer from that. It is necessary to get your bathroom clean at least once a week. Most people opt for professional cleaning once a month which is the very best option. But, if you are willing to do it by yourself. It can be done. Here in this blog, I am sharing with you some best ways to clean your bathroom. 

Well, cleaning is not an easy task but it can be done easily when you have the right techniques and know some real hacks that make your work easier and faster. 

1 - Remove all things from their usual spots:

The very first thing that one has to do is for best results, do that step for the whole toilet promptly, rather than as you go. Take away all of your merchandise from the shower and/or bathing tub. Toss all used towels and rugs outside the area. Move any things from the counters outside the lavatory, as well. Don’t forget to grab any trash cans. It is important to remove every item from your bathroom. 

2 - Dust and Sweep:

Basically, in the second step, you have to use a broom or whatever equipment’s you have to clean the floor, walls and other areas etc to induce obviate dirt. Grab your duster with a protracted handle to get rid of any cobwebs in corners, on lighting fixtures or invents. If you continue to can’t reach the cobwebs, pull in a very step ladder to induce up high. Once done, sweep or vacuum the floors to select up hair and alternative scrap that will have accumulated on the floors.

3 - Apply cleaner to shower and bathing tub.

Apply the cleaner, if you clean often or associate acid-based cleaner if you have got serious build-up to your shower. You can also use any dedicated bathroom cleaning materials that are used by professional cleaning companies to get the best result. Whatever material you are using, don’t forget the shower track and within the shower door, if applicable. Let it soak.

Once you are done with this process and you have to wait for a few minutes to let the materials do their work properly during this you have to tackle alternative surfaces. Spray the general cleaner on your Cleaning device (i.e. microfiber artefact, sponge, etc.) and wipe down any:

  • Towel racks
  • Shelves
  • Baseboards
  • Doors
  • Blinds and Windowsills etc.

4 - Hit the shower and bathing tub:

At now, the cleaner can have done abundant of the work for you, permitting you to gently scrub away loose dirt and build up. Get all walls, floors and alternative surfaces clean before rinsing. To get better results. Fill a bucket with heated water and therefore the recommended quantity of general cleaner.

5 - Clean the Vanity Area:

Spray the general cleaner on the sink, taps and countertops, then wipe with a clean artifact. If you have got buildup within the sink or in a very fixture, use a scrubby sponge to loosen before wiping clean. Use the glass cleaner on your mirror. An artifact dampened with water can take away dirt from cupboard faces.

6 - Clean the Toilet

Spray a toilet-specific cleaning material if buildup exists, then scrub with a Toilet brush before flushing. Spray the surface of the lavatory with the final cleaner, then wipe with a clean artefact.


Once the cleaning is done. Clean everything with normal water to make sure that no cleaning materials are left. Well, you have followed these steps you can easily clean your bathroom within 2 hours. Make sure to use proper material and proper equipment for cleaning to get the best result. Make sure to clean your bathroom at least every 15 days to maintain a good hygiene level.